About Us

Manitou has many runners, hikers, bikers and nature-lovers, who are beginning to work together to develop a network of sustainable trails to meet the needs of different outdoor sports enthusiasts and protect nature. They have a vision of a regional world-class mountain trail system. This vision can make our town and region an outstanding place to visit, live and play.
We will need a trail building volunteer group of Manitou residents and trail users to work with city government to make it happen. The city does not have the resources by itself to protect the open spaces and do the on-going work.  Volunteerism is playful service.  We need to provide a sense of joyful accomplishment.   Manitou Trail CATS will be like a focused meet-up group  for all trail-user types.  After a long half day of hard work in nature, we will have an opportunity to deepen our connection over a beer and refreshments.  We see each other on the trails; let’s get to know each other.

We Believe:

Volunteer service organization do not last unless their activities are enjoyable and worthwhile! Let’s build and maintain great sustainable trails for hikers, runners, bikers and nature lovers. Let’s focus on playful friendly interactions with fellow volunteers. Let’s get out to enjoy and protect the beauty of our natural environment. Let’s have our physical exercise/activity be for positive purposes. Let’s be collaborative to create a visionary proactive future for Manitou.

On the Iron Mountain Trail building project, Manitou Cats is working directly with the City of Manitou Springs to manifest the plans of the Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC).   Manitou CATS is also working collaboratively with regional trail building groups to complete the project this summer. You can see that different groups are helping the City to complete the Iron Mountain Trail connection of the Intemann Trail, for which we are very thankful. If you are a resident or lover of Manitou and want to join Manitou Springs Trail Cats, we ask you sign up as a volunteer early.  See you on the trail.



For more information contact Shanti Toll at:
ManitouCats@gmail.com    or call   (719) 321-5354