About Us

In 2014 a  we  created MANITOU  TRAIL CATS  (originally called “Coalition of Addicted  Trail-builderS”  or  “Manitou CATS” for short) to develop a pool of  people who are willing to help protect the urban-wildland interface natural environment.  We are runners, hikers, bikers and nature-lovers, who are working  together to develop a network of sustainable trails to meet the needs of different outdoor sports enthusiasts and protect nature.  Our vision of a regional world-class mountain trail system. Our  vision is to make Manitou and region an outstanding place to visit, live and play.
We will need a trail building volunteer group of Manitou residents and trail users to work with city government to make it happen.   Government alone  does not have the resources  to protect the open spaces so we need volunteers.   Volunteerism needs to provide a sense of friendly playfulness, joyful accomplishment and connection.   So after a day of hard work in nature, we  connect again  over a beer and refreshments.

Our projects like the Iron Mountain Trail, the Rainbow Falls Rock Steps, the Intemann Trail up-grades and the Sheep Mountain Trail design land managers (City of Manitou Springs, City of Colorado Springs, El Paso County) can collaboratively work together with volunteer organizations   to protect our part of the planet.   Join us and see you on the trail.



For more information contact Shanti Toll at:
ManitouCats@gmail.com    or call   (719) 321-5354