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 Manitou Springs Trail Cats has had a great year !

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This year 2015, we have worked with the city of Colorado Springs four times in Red Rock Canyon building the new “East Fork Trail” which connects the Sand Canyon Trail with the trails to the east.  We worked in Manitou Springs  three times repairing the Intemann Trail and the Bevers Connection in Crystal Hills. We collaborated with RMFI  to support a workday in Garden of the Gods with 189 volunteers.  Finally we have worked twice with El Paso County in the Bear Creek Nature Center. We haven’t done as much  work in Manitou because the City is doing its Trails Master Plan this year, which gave us the opportunity to help regional trail groups, who helped us last year withe the Iron Mountain Trail.

We have had spectacular support from Manitou Springs taverns.  Almost all the eating/drinking establishments in town were willing to support our volunteers with an after-work party and a free beer!

Who is (What is) Manitou Springs Trail Cats 

Starting in 2014 we Manitoids (residents and lovers of Manitou)  are  taking responsibility for developing and maintaining the trails and open spaces we all use. We need to give back to this wonderful land and nature.  It is up to our community to protect and sustain the beauty around us for future generations. So we have created MANITOU SPRINGS TRAIL CATS  (Coalition of Active Trail-builderS  OR  Manitou Cats for short) to develop a pool of  people who are willing to help.  Basically we are a friends group for Manitou (or close to Manitou) trails and public land.  We are focused on creating enjoyable, safe and worthwhile outdoor stewardship projects for volunteers.

How  You  Can Participate In Our Volunteer Trail DaysIMG_0002

We are planning our workdays for 2015.  We will be supporting the Intemann/Iron Mountain Trails and other projects suggested by Manitou’s Open Space Advisory Committee [OSAC], Friends of Red Rock Canyon [FoRRC] , FOTP, Medicine Wheel, El Paso County  and the Manitou Springs Collaborative. Generally our workdays will be the second Sunday of the month, unless the is a big event in Manitou in a given month.  Workdays will start in April.  We will meet at 7:55 AM at the Manitou Free Parking Lot at  10 Old Man’s Trail.  We will car pool from there to the project site and work until about 1:00 PM.  Then it is off to a local tavern for a friendly beer or beverage of your choice. Presently the date for 2015  are April  12 ,  May  10 ,  June  13 (Saturday) ,  July  12  ,  August  9  ,  September  12 (Saturday)  ,  October  11  . We have plenty of tools and trained crew leaders to help you learn the craft of mountain trail building.  There are may jobs on a workday so you can always find work that is more or less strenuous.   We need you to register for the workdays so we know how many tools to bring.  However, you may also just show up on the day.

See dates and volunteer registration links to the right.

Master Plan For Trails, Open Space and Parks (Come Thursday September 24
{6:00 pm} to a Community Workshop at City Hall)

Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth GlobeManitou Springs is embarking on a Master Plan for trails, parks and open space.  You can play a significant role in creating the vision and plan to make a regional trail network for runners, bikers, hikers an nature lovers.  Given all the public open space and foot hill we have, our region can become one of the premier communities in the country for healthy outdoor recreation.  We have the opportunity to not only design trails for various skill and ability levels, but also allow our trails take us to beautiful vistas and sanctuaries of nature.  We will be protecting our natural wild places for generations to come.

 The Iron Mountain Trail Is Open

Work dayNow that the Iron Mountain Trail is finished, there is concern and questions about where to access the trail and where to park.  For hikers, runners and mountain bikers without cars, you can just go up Pawnee Avenue [ past the Manitou Library and the Manitou Springs Elementary School, jog right at T] to the trail head on the left.  It is about 1/2 mile from downtown Manitou to the trail head on Pawnee Ave.  It is about one mile from the trail head to the top of the mountain. So it is a great 3 mile round trip.  Bring water and appropriate clothing. The Iron Mountain Trail was built over the spring and summer 2014 by Manitou Cats, regional trail building groups and Tony Boone mechanical trailing.  We are donated over 350 days of volunteer work saving Manitou Springs over $38,000.  (Thank you volunteers)

 Collaboration Of Volunteer And Mechanical ConstructionIMG_0951

Thanks to  generous donations of the Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates,  the Friends Of The Peak  and Manitou Springs City Council ,   Tony Boon, one of the premier trail builders in the USA,  got did 14 mechanical trail construction days on Iron Mountain. What we learned was that the higher eastern part of the Iron Mountain Trail is on a hillside that is too steep and rocky to have volunteers using picks and shovels to build it.   Read More>>

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