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 Manitou  CATS  and Other Community Projects  Work dayof  Shanti

Manitou CATS works  with Manitou Springs, El Paso County  and Colorado Springs on trails and open Space in our area.   We have had a great 2016 season working on  Intemann Trail,  Iron Mountain Trail, Red Mountain Trail, Bear Creek Nature Center trails  and Red Rock Canyon trails

This website’s also host articles, announcements and sign ups for other volunteer community projects in Manitou Springs supported by Shanti:  such as the Manitou Springs Collaborative  and Manitou  Community Art Projects.(see menu above).  On June 18  we will do a special project to preserve, enhance and generally beautify the pavilion in Soda Springs Park in Manitou

How  You  Can Participate In Our Volunteer Work DaysIMG_0002

Generally our workdays will be the second Sunday of the month.  Workdays will start in April through October.  We usually meet at  7:55 AM at the work site parking lot  or at the  Manitou Free Parking Lot at  10 Old Man’s Trail.  We will car pool from there to the project site and work until about 1:00 PM.  Then it is off to a local tavern for a friendly beer or beverage of your choice. Presently the date for 2017  are  May 14,  June  11,  June 18, July  9,  August  13,  September  10 ,  October  8. We have plenty of tools and trained crew leaders to help you learn the craft of mountain trail building.  There are may jobs on a workday so you can always find work that is more or less strenuous.   We need you to register for the workdays so we know how many tools and crew leaders to bring.  However, you may also just show up on the day.

PS:  Remember to bring: gloves, working shoes, liter of water, sun screen, clothing layers and whatever you need for a day Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globeoutdoors in Colorado.  Open to  16 years and up. [Children over 15  can come with a parent.]

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Who is (What is) Manitou  Cats 

Starting in 2014 we Manitoids (residents and lovers of Manitou)  are  taking responsibility for developing and maintaining the trails.   and open spaces we all use. We need to give back to this wonderful land and nature.  It is up to our community to protect and sustain the beauty around us for future generations. So we have created MANITOU SPRINGS TRAIL CATS  (Coalition ection of Addicted  Trail-builderS  or  Manitou CATS for short) to develop a pool of  people who are willing to help.  Basically we are a friends group for Manitou (or close to Manitou) trails and public land.  We are focused on creating enjoyable, safe and worthwhile outdoor stewardship projects for volunteers.

 Collaboration Of Volunteer And Mechanical ConstructionIMG_0951

Manitou Cats works on trails which are close to our urban centers and our homes.  Many 100s of thousands of runners, bikers, hikers and wanderer use our open spaces every years.  The trails we build and maintain must be strong to support such over use, but we love that city folk and kids get out into nature and the outdoors.  It is one of the most important ways to keep our society mentally and physically healthy.  Trails are also the best  way to protect our natural environment.  By keeping people on beautiful paths instead of walking everywhere,  wild animals and fragile plant life can be protected.  Our natural habitat can be preserved.

Often it is better to build strong wide trails by machines rather than volunteer labor.  They build stronger trails in less time but they are expensive.  Volunteer hand built trails  are less expensive but there is only limited volunteers available.  Volunteers can go in to fix trails and habitat that can not be reached by trail machines, without destroying the plant life close to the trails.  Volunteers can also do the finish work on mechanically built trails.   Without volunteers, our government land owners can not adequate steward the land in our open spaces.    So Keeping our trails in good shape is a collaboration between the volunteers,  the mechanical trail-builders,  and the tax payers who pay for it all. Read More>>

 Contact us at:   or  719-321-5354


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