Manitou CATS Projects

 CATS CORPS  2020 Projects

This year we have adapted to the social distancing new normal created by Covid 19.  We plan to use  groups of 10 or less volunteers on any workday.  People will take their own cars to the worksite.  We will spread out the physical work so the is appropriate social distancing.  We will follow  recommended guidelines for Covid 19 prevention.  These workdays are open to our Cats Corps trail builders and our friends.  The workdays will not be open to the general public.

Sundays 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (beer/beverage  to follow each workday at a Covid 19 safe place)

PS:  Remember to bring: gloves, working shoes, liter of water, sun screen, clothing layers, Face Masking for Covid 19 protection and whatever you need for a day Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globeoutdoors in Colorado. See dates and volunteer registration links to the right.

Who is (What is) Manitou  Cats 

Starting in 2014  trail users and nature lovers around Manitou Springs started  taking responsibility for developing and maintaining the trails, parks   and open spaces we all use.  It is up to our community to protect and sustain the beauty around us for future generations.   We are focused on creating enjoyable, safe and worthwhile outdoor stewardship projects for volunteers.  Lately however  we have branched out to support outdoor projects that builds community spirit and helps the environment in many different ways.

 Contact us at:   or  719-321-5354


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