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The Iron Mountail Trail Is Open

 Now that the Iron Mountain Trail is finished, there is concern and questions about where to access the trail and where to park.  For hikers, runners and mountain bikers without cars, you can just go up Pawnee Avenue [ past the Manitou Library and the Manitou Springs Elementary School, jog left at T] to the trail head on the left.  It is about 1/2 mile from downtown Manitou to the trail head on Pawnee Ave.  It is about one mile from the trail head to the top of the mountain. So it is a great 3 mile round trip.  Bring water and appropriate clothing.
They have started giving parking tickets if you park at the little paved pull out at the Intemann Trail Pawnee trailhead.  If you have a car just park some place legal and walk the rest of the way to the trail.   For people using the Intemann Trail,  you  can park and start journeying from either Ruxton Avenue, Crystal Park Road or the Section 16 Trail Head on Gold Camp Road

Manitou Springs Trail Cats Alive and Well

Manitou Cats are Manitoids (residents and lovers of Manitou)  taking responsibility for developing and maintaining the trails and open spaces we all use. We need to give back to this wonderful land and nature.  It is up to our community to protect and sustain the beauty around us for future generations. So we have created MANITOU SPRINGS TRAIL CATS  (Coalition of Active Trail-builderS  OR  Manitou Cats) to develop a pool of  people who are willing to help.  Basically we are a friends group for Manitou trails and public land.

How You Can Participate: Iron Mountain Volunteer Trail Days

Iron Mountain Trail

We are building and maintaining the mountain trail connections between Manitou Springs and Red Rock Canyon Open Space.
The work has been done over the 2014 spring and summer by Manitou Cats, regional trail building groups and Tony Boone mechanical trailing.  We are stilling calculating the time, money and effort it took to build the Iron Mountain Trail, but we know it was a lot!   We will be posting the statistics when we have finished the clean up and finishing touches.

We do not have any big projects for this fall, but when we do we will let you know if you sign up.  A party at a Manitou establishment will follow each workday.  We have plenty of tools and trained crew leaders to help you learn the craft of mountain trail building.

See dates and volunteer registration links to the right.

Iron Mountain Trail Updates

  Making Real Progress on our  Trail.     It is done

Great news!  Iron Mountain/Intemann Trail Connection volunteer workdays have been  a great success. We have had over 400 volunteer days and we build almost 2000 feet of great 36 inch wide trail. We wish to thank you for your contribution to this effort, whether it is telling a friend or coming out to work a few days this summer. It really is a collaboration of so many groups and individuals. It is our personal enthusiasm and support that will fill the workdays with volunteers.

Thanks also to Stagecoach Inn,  Swirl Wine Emporium, Townhouse Tavern and Savilli ‘s Pizza, the American Legion and the  Manitou Brewing Company have each hosted an after work party with a free beer/beverage for out thirsty volunteers.  We wish to thank their collaborative and generous  spirit.   Manitou Springs is lucky to have businesses,  residents and outdoor enthusiast who support its trails and open spaces.

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The Iron Mountain Trail Building Project: A Collaboration Of
Volunteer And Mechanical Construction

In March and April, thanks to  generous donations of the Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates and the Friends Of The Peak ,  Manitou Springs got six mechanical trail construction days with Tony Boone, one of the premier trail builders in the USA.   What we learned was that the higher eastern part of the Iron Mountain Trail is on a hillside that is too steep and rocky to have volunteers using picks and shovels to build it.   Read More>>


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