Manitou Community Art Project

We Meet in Manitou – “What is on Your Mind?”

  –Saturday, July 15 at 4:44 PM in Manitou’s Memorial Park
A growing trend in the art world is “Community Art”.  Artist use  local space, resources and people to create happenings which add to the sense of community identity and constructs works of art and beauty.  Manitou Springs is manifesting a unique form of “community art”,  in which the people  are  both the artist and the art.  It is based on creating a dynamic public happening focused on the Art Of Living.  Each year citizens come together to focus on a human trait/action  and their own  individualistic expression  of that humanity.  Mindfulness and creativity transforms the social interactions with our neighbors  into creative expression  of connectedness and beauty.

In “We Meet in Manitou” this year we are looking at the HATS !  Show off your funkiest or favorite hat as we video and photograph this promenade of “Manitou Hat Styles”.   In October we will have a multi-media exhibit at the MAC.

The Manitou Community Art  Project is sponsored by the Manitou Springs Art Council. The Manitou Community  Art Directors are Alberto Leopizzi and  Shanti Toll.  Questions and communication should be directed to   or     719-321-5354